Like so many local businesses, Mallaig Pool is entering a period of uncertainty as a result of closure brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Closing its doors on March 20th just as preparations were being made for the tourist season, has thrown its revenue stream into disarray. The difficulties for the business will be most keenly felt during the autumn and winter months and we have to prepare for that time now. Its uncertain when the Scottish Government will allow Gyms and Pools to re-open and whilst we are making preparation to open safely to our loyal customers, every day we are closed we are losing income and the business is failing. To help us overcome this we have launched our JustGiving Campaign


The Moidart Trust has extended the hand of friendship and support with a pledge to match fund £5,000 of fundraising with a charitable donation of £10,000 to Mallaig Pool & Leisure. This will make a huge difference to help us maintain the level of service our customers have come to expect. We appreciate these are difficult times for everyone, but we are once again asking our local community to come together to devise fundraising schemes to raise cash to reach our target of £5,000, to get involved with our fundraising initiatives that will pop up locally and across social media, or to donate what you can here. Every small donation will contribute in a big way. If you can’t pledge any funds at this time, then we are always looking for volunteers to help in many other ways.