Like so many local businesses, Mallaig Pool entered a period of uncertainty as a result of closure brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Closing its doors on March 20th 2020 just as preparations were being made for the tourist season, threw its revenue stream into disarray. The difficulties for the business will be most keenly felt for a long time. Any help with our fundraising efforts is warmly welcomed.


Our dedicated fundraising group, the Friends of Mallaig Pool & Leisure are running a 500 Club. Joining this club gives you a chance to win up to £200 each month whilst supporting your local Leisure Centre


To join, please fill in the  form and send it to the Friends at Mallaig Pool & Leisure. Winners will be announced each month via our social media channels and monthly Newsletter and the excellent local community newspaper West Word


Please get in touch with any of the Pool Team members is you would like any further information. 


Every small donation will contribute in a big way. If you can’t pledge any funds at this time, then we are always looking for volunteers to help in many other ways. Please get in touch with The Pool Team if you have any suggestions and ideas you would like to share with us. 

A huge THANK YOU to all our supporters!
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It truly warms the ‘cockles of the Pool Team’s heart’ to receive a donation raised by members in our communities.
Your help and efforts are truly valued and will help us continue to improve our facilities and services. 

Fundraising through #easyfundraising, as the name suggests, might be the easiest way to help support your chosen cause. All you need to do is go to create an account and start shopping @easyuk / #easyfundraising will do the rest.