Shaun ‘the thriller’ Millar’s epic fundraiser

On Monday 12th September, Shaun ‘the thriller’ Millar of Arisaig will be challenging himself both mentally and physically as he attempts to ascend the equivalent height of Mount Kilimanjaro!  Shaun will pedal from Arisaig Hotel to the top of Kinloid Hill as many times as it takes to equal the height of the African whopper, which stands at 5,895m or 19,340m above sea level.  We’ve worked out that Shaun will need to bike up and down the hill approximately 113 times.  Yikes! 

All funds raised from Shaun’s epic challenge will go directly towards Mallaig Pool & Leisure’s refurbishment programme!

Why not pop into Arisaig Hotel and offer your support by dropping some cash into Shaun’s charity tankard or donate by following the link below : )

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