Refurbishment campaign has started – and we need your help!

After more than twenty years of service, many parts of the building fabric and services require major overhaul or replacement so the pool can stay open in the future. In addition, the layout, quality, and range of facilities must be improved so that revenue can be increased. Donate here to help us make it happen.


What needs to be done?
Replacement of failing plant room equipment  

This is now essential to ensure we can stay open.

Each year £10k is spent on maintenance. The standard life service for pool plant equipment is 15 years. MDSP’s is now 22 years old. A recent survey by an energy consultant reported that the air handling unit has failed.  The only option is to replace it. Heating and circulation pumps are beyond their service life and need urgent replacement.    


Building refurbishment & facility upgrade

To improve the quality of customer experience & services.

We propose to upgrade changing rooms, renovate public spaces, make pool areas warmer and improve the gym. We are also beyond the point where it is acceptable for wheelchair users to be asked to use a separate means of access to the building. There really should be one way in for all.


Improve energy efficiency

To cut energy costs and make technical improvements to the building.

Heat losses and evaporative cooling can be minimised with a comprehensive programme of insulating, draught-proofing and replacement of windows and doors. Installation of energy-efficient ventilation equipment and careful zoning of naturally and mechanically ventilated areas will optimise the performance of each system. This will reduce our energy costs by 10–15% – saving £6k each year.


How can we make it happen?

We are embarking on a major fundraising campaign to raise £1.1 million as a capital investment to refurbish and upgrade the swimming pool. This enhancement plan will ensure the centre is in a sustainable position to provide for future generations.

We have asked Highland Council for financial support to start essential works. Their funding would be a significant step towards securing the future existence of the swimming pool. You can let them know how important this is for our communities by showing your support on our Facebook page or in our support book. Donations will also increase our chances to receive further funding. You can donate online or by texting the code MDSP00 + the amount you want to give (e.g. “MDSP00 £5”) to 70070. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a difference.

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