February newsletter

February is often regarded as the month of love, and true to form, Cupid’s bow seemed to land directly on the Leisure Centre! On 14th February, we could barely open the front door for all the Valentines cards, chocolates and red roses blocking the doorstep; however, we hurriedly pushed them to one side as there was a far better delivery waiting to be opened – brand new TechnoGym equipment! It’s safe to say we are all completely in love with the new gym and fitness suite and we urge you to come up, try it out and embark on a healthier and fitter 2017. Our new arrival was certainly the highlight of the month, but here’s what else went on at the Leisure Centre throughout February…

The old gym equipment
Even though we’re obsessed with the new gym, it was quite sad to wave goodbye to the old gym equipment, after all, it had served the community well for over twenty years, inspiring many of us to become fitter and healthier individuals. Therefore, we are delighted to say that the equipment has escaped an uncertain future and has in fact been shipped over to Eigg where the residents of the island will be making good use of the equipment at their first ever gym! We are really pleased that the equipment will continue to do its bit for the wider community and we hope the people of Eigg enjoy their new/old gym.

Gym inductions
Anybody looking to use the gym must firstly have an induction to enable you to use the machinery safely and effectively. The induction will last approximately ten minutes so do factor this into your first workout.

Gents’ Hour
It is often thought that women tend to struggle more with body image than their male counterparts, but a recent study in the scientific paper Body Image revealed very different findings. In their study of 12,176 adult men and women, scientists concluded that 15% of men were very to extremely dissatisfied with their weight compared with 20% of women. Such similar figures suggest that men feel equally as self-conscious as women. Upon reading this information, we couldn’t help but feel that the absence of a Gents’ Hour when we have a thriving Ladies’ Hour was a bit unfair! Therefore, it has been decided that we are going to trial a Gents’ Hour on Monday evenings between 7pm – 8pm. Both ladies’ and gents’ hours will include full use of the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and gym.

New monthly wellbeing & relaxation class
In a world where more and more people are suffering the effects of depression, anxiety and sleep disorders, we’ve decided that it would be a good idea to hold a monthly wellbeing and relaxation class. This short class, run by Pam King directly after her popular yoga class, will be held on the first Tuesday of every month from 7pm. Pam will demonstrate how to embrace relaxation techniques and meditation using an array of essential oils as well as offering nutritional guidance for healthy immune and hormonal function.

Snorkelling course
We’d just like to say a huge thank you to our fantastic and enthusiastic snorkelling instructor, Henrik, for making our first snorkelling course of the year the great success that it was. We received such positive feedback from those who participated that we’ve decided to be kind and host another course. The next four-week block will commence on Saturday 4th March at 2.30pm. If you or somebody you know would like to join in the snorkelling fun, please let us know and we’ll book you in.

Staff changes
This month we were really pleased to welcome a new member to the team. Jane Bucknell from Lochailort originally hails from Yorkshire where she swam competitively for City of Hull Swimmers, York City Baths Club, Army Swimming and the North Yorkshire Police Lifesaving Squad. We’re very fortunate to have somebody join us with such an abundance of swimming experience and it’s a pleasure to have Jane on board.

Heart of the Community award
Also throughout February, we were delighted to receive an award from the Heart of the Community Grant Trust. The broad aim of the Trust is to provide financial grants for community projects that deliver lasting change within the regions in which the Company operates. Our Heart of the Community grant was awarded specifically with young people in mind. We currently run a successful Lifesaving Club, a thriving Swim Training academy and a fun Snorkelling Club; this award will help deliver these clubs and further diversify the range of activities that we can offer.

Co-op’s Chosen Causes
Do you know that we were picked as one of the Co-op’s Chosen Causes, which means that if you’re a Co-op member and you’d like to support the pool, you can simply go onto their website (see the link below) and choose us. Thereafter, every time you buy selected Co-op brand products from the shop, we will receive 1% of your total bill. So far, you’ve raised £871, which is amazing as it hasn’t cost you a penny. Co-op members in the community that have still to choose a cause have built up an incredible £2914, which won’t be allocated. So, whether you choose us, or one of the other brilliant charities in the area, it would be a shame to lose the money.

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