Bike Maintenance Classes starting again

Get your bike ready for spring and summer with a bit of TLC. Join our Bike Maintenance Classes on every Thursday for six weeks at 6pm-7.30pm (starting 7th February)
Our Mechanic will guide you and expand your knowledge on a host of topics that will ensure you and your bike will have a safe and enjoyable ride throughout the season.
You will be introduced to different tools and the best way to use them. How to get your tires ready for the roads and tracks will be one of the first building blocks to your knowledge.
The importance of keeping your chain and cassette in good working order and how to remove and refit these for cleaning is also there on top of the list. This will be followed by a session on brakes; how to replace cables, callipers, pads and adjusting them.
During the session on wheels you will get a chance to strip a front hub, clean and adjust bearings. The final, sixth session, will focus on the bottom bracket and headset. At the end of the six weeks you should have gained a good overall knowledge on how to give your bike a seasonal service, how to identify most common problems and find a solution to keep you speeding down the road or pedalling up that demanding track.

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